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Peaper Brothers, Inc.

What Makes a Turnip. . . . .



-Peaper Brothers Turnips have smaller tops and tap roots with a more defined purple top and whiter bottom.  Their mild taste is the result of a combination of several factors including the favorable growing conditions of the Indiana soil and the temperate Midwest climate vs. that of a more arid area of the country.


-The tops and roots of Peaper Brothers Turnips are left intact to keep the moisture content higher in order to maintain the crisp, fresh taste.  Leaving the vegetable intact also protects the top and root of the vegetable from becoming vulnerable to bacterial infection which can lead to the premature discoloration of the vegetable.   


-All Peaper Brothers Turnips are hand-harvested to reduce bruising and scarring.


-Peaper Brothers Turnips are put into temperature-controlled cold storage within hours of being harvested to remove the field heat which increases the longevity of the vegetable.  


-To maintain quality, Peaper Brothers Turnips are kept in storage until ordered.  Once an order has been received the turnips are removed from storage and washed in a chlorinated bath to kill bacteria.  Peaper Brothers Turnips are then hand-graded so that only the turnips of premium size, shape and color are selected.     


-Peaper Brothers Turnips are packaged by weight in 25 lb. bulk bags, 25 lb. bulk large turnip bags, and 1 or 2 pound bar-coded bags for individual sale.           


-Packaged Peaper Brothers Turnips are palletized on 48” x 40” pallets for ease of shipping. 


-Peaper Brothers Turnips are typically available June through February.  Crops are sown on a regular basis and the length of the growing season is weather-dependent.   

Skid of Turnips

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